Essentials For Your Workstation

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Whether you work from home or an office, a good workstation will help you to focus better on your job and increase your productivity. Your workstation should be unique and customized to your preference. Here are the essentials for a workstation:


This includes your desk and chair. Always make sure to pick a desk that has adequate space and check whether the height of its legs are appropriate for you. Having drawers or other storage would be an added bonus. You can choose the shape and material of your preference. Whether you prefer a glass table which would be easier to clean or a sturdy wooden desk is up to you.A safe and healthy work environment is a productive environment, so don’t forget to focus on office ergonomics when making your workstation especially when you are choosing a chair. Make sure to pick a chair with adequate back and neck support to maintain good posture during the long hours you will work at your desk. You will be thankful that you spent a little extra money on such a chair as it will save your money from health costs of long term effects of bad posture. You can refer to an office interior design to purchase your furniture as they will have a wide variety of your need.


If you are obsessed with stationary, you may feel compelled to fill your desk surface with all your coloured pens, notepads, sticky notes etc. But this will only make a mess of the table and you will soon find yourself getting frustrated for not being able to find anything easy. So have only your essentials on the table. A notebook and a pen would be enough. Leave the rest in the drawers. You can also get a clear container to keep your coloured pens and leave it on the desk. This will leave your workplace looking vibrant. You can check office interior design websites for inspiration on how to do a good layout of your stationery.


Most work these days need some technological input. So you may need to have a laptop, computer, tablet, headphones, chargers, mobile phone or a printer on the desk. These should be placed in such a way that the wires do not clutter your table. It should be placed so that you can access them easily. For your laptop you can get a laptop stand to avoid hunching over and to keep your neck straight.

Apart from the main essentials above, add a few tweaks to make it more personalized like your favourite family photo, a small plant or an object of sentimental value. Tidy your table every day before you leave, no matter how tired you maybe, you will always feel good about doing so the next morning.